BA in Film Studies. Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, 2018.
BA in Business Management. Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, 2018.

“The Black Biennale,” RISD Museum Gelman Gallery, March 2022.
“Tiny Showcase IRL,” Worlds Fair Gallery, Providence, RI, October 2021.
“Every Nigga is a Star,” Dirt Palace, March 2020.
“Novus Ordo Seclorum,” Aborn Gallery, February 2020.
“Every Nigga is a Star,” Trade Pop Up Gallery, April 2019.

“CPW Artist-in-Residence,” Center for Photography, Woodstock NY, October 2022.
“Wedding Cake House Residency,” Dirt Palace Collective, Rhode Island, April 2021.

Special Projects
“A Different Type of Church: Documentary & Film Festival,” Interlace Project Grant Award, 2021-2022.
“Providence Public Art Commission: The 11,” Art & City Life (ACT) Temporary Public Art Ideas Competition, 2019-2023

Freelance Assignments
“The Enduring Power of Scenes of Subjection,” The New Yorker, October 2022.
“The Victom who Became the Accused,” The New Yorker September Print Issue, September 2022.
“OFF-WHITE x Theophilus London Capsule Collection Campaign,” All OFF-WHITE Platforms and website, June, 2021.
“Saidiya Hartman for The New Yorker Magazine,” The New Yorker September Print Issue, August, 2020.
“BEBEY Album Vinyl Cover,” Indie-Pop Records, January 2020.
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“Indie Pop Records Theophilus London Behind the Scenes,” Indie-Pop Records, August, 2018.
“BEBEY Single Cover,” Theophilus London/ Indie-Pop Records, August, 2018

Online Publications
“Meet Theophilus London, Kanye West Collaborator and fashion pack favourite,” GQ, March 2019.
“The Search for Good Vibes: How Theophilus London Lost, Then Found His Glow,”Billboard, December, 2018.
“The Month’s Best Music,” The Guardian, September, 2018.
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